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Mortgage Professional Webinars

Webinar: Close More Loans by Structuring Winning Deals

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Whether your borrower is rate sensitive or faces some unique challenges qualifying for a loan, you’ll learn the strategies for structuring loans and presenting rate options to meet your borrowers’ specific needs.

  • Pricing loans with discount points without increasing cash to close
  • Using 40-year Interest Only options to optimize investor cash flow and reduce DTI
  • Structuring bank statements loans to ensure the quickest approvals
  • Taking a creative approach to rental income and losses to help your borrower qualify for the maximum loan amount
  • Utilizing compensating factors to support exceptions to standard underwriting guidelines

Webinar: Saving Your Condo Deals with Non-Warrantable Condo Loans

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Fannie Mae’s new HOA questionnaire is causing a wave of loan denials, leaving borrowers and mortgage originators in the lurch. Since Fannie Mae backs 70% of all existing condo loans, the impact on the industry could be catastrophic.

Non-warrantable condo loans can rescue your loans, without the extensive HOA questionnaire that are required with conforming loans.

  • Learn how the Fannie Mae changes are affecting the condo industry every day
  • Non-Warrantable program guidelines and funding workflow
  • Leveraging rate buy down to lower rate with no additional cash at closing
  • Leveraging 10/40 Fixed Interest options on your high-end condo deals
  • Create a steady stream of referrals by offering condo loans when others can’t –
  • Capitalize on the exploding condotel market


Webinar: Introducing LendSure’s Fix & Flip Financing Program

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In this brief, but highly-informative webinar, you’ll learn about the opportunities in today’s smoking hot Fix & Flip market. You’ll learn everything you need to start originating new business right away:

  • Program overview and guideline review
  • What to expect during the submission, underwriting, and funding stages
  • Factors that are contributing to the rapid growth in this segment


Webinar: Winning in a HOT Purchase Market with Bridge Loans

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In today’s highly competitive home purchase market, making a non-contingent offer can make the difference in whether an offer gets accepted.

Learn how LendSure’s Bridge Financing program lets borrowers access the equity from their current home and use it for a down payment on a new property, without any monthly payments. The bridge financing pays off the mortgage on the current home while providing cash out for the new home purchase.

  • Borrowers can make non-contingent purchase offers
  • Since there are no monthly payments, borrowers’ DTI can qualify for the new purchase loan
  • Generate more referrals from Real Estate Brokers
  • Attract more purchase business
  • Generate referrals from local developers

Webinar: Panel Discussion: Tapping Into the Foreign National Market

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Did you know that Foreign Nationals purchase almost $80 billion in real estate in the U.S. annually?

In this brief, but informative webinar, we’ll review the foreign national lending opportunities as well as everything you need to tap into this lucrative market and start growing your sales today.

  • How to uncover opportunities and find prospects
  • Funding with no USA credit, income or tax returns
  • Funding with no social security number
  • Strategies for evaluating foreign credit and income
  • Loan options for various residency types
  • Unique underwriting challenges and how to manage them
  • The loan features that foreign national borrowers care about most

Foreign National mortgage loans can be complex, but with LendSure’s help, you don’t have to be an underwriting expert to start originating foreign national loans.

Webinar: Panel Discussion: Emerging Opportunities in Non-QM

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In this lively and interactive panel discussion, our non-qm experts will answer your questions and discuss how you can capitalize on today’s emerging lending opportunities.

  • Latest trends in today’s lending landscape
  • Loan programs that are “hot” in today’s market
  • Handling of post-COVID issues such as PPP loans, forbearances, extended unemployment benefits, and gaps in income
  • Structuring loans based on the borrower’s unique needs so you can win more deals
  • The growing appetite for Jumbo programs to serve the high-end home market
  • Positioning yourself for success post refi boom

Webinar: All About Non-Warrantable Condos and Condotels

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Today’s highly competitive housing market is creating a huge opportunity for non-warrantable condos and Condotels. Learn everything you need to know to capitalize on today’s hot market and originate more business in the next 30 days.

  • How this year’s housing trends are transforming the condo market
  • Limitations on conforming condo loans
  • Which areas are “smoking hot” for condotels
  • Important guidelines that you need to know

Webinar: Originating More Jumbo Loans

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Jumbo loan originations are expected to soar in the coming months. In this comprehensive webinar, our Jumbo Loan experts will guide you on how to tap into this lucrative market and start originating more Jumbo loans in the next 30 days.

  • How shake-ups in the jumbo industry have created new opportunities
  • Tapping into emerging markets
  • How to rescue your jumbo fallout deals
  • Practical strategies for lowering rates
  • Innovative income documentation strategies

LendSure offers a number of innovative Non-QM Loan Solutions to help you be successful in today’s homebuying market.  Contact your LendSure Account Executive to learn more about our Non-QM programs.

Webinar: All About Bank Statement Loans

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In today’s economy, self-employed borrowers have had difficulty qualifying for a mortgage because of challenges documenting their income, write-offs on their tax returns, and various other difficulties. In this brief but informative webinar, you will discover the keys to overcome these challenges while making the loan process as smooth as possible.

Discover how to:

  • Tap into this lucrative market by offering solutions designed for the unique needs of self-employed, business owners, and high-commission salespeople
  • Obtain bank statement qualifying income without a full loan package
  • Expand your market share and grow referrals by finding and marketing to local prospects
  • Address common misconceptions about loans to business owners and people with higher than average write-offs

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