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Non-QM Cash Out

Cash Out Available Across All LendSure Non-QM Programs

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Cash out up to $1,000,000


Whether your borrower is self-employed, a foreign national, or a property investor, LendSure offers cash-out options so that they can access the equity in their homes. LendSure offers cashout programs up to $1,000,000 and its available across practically all our Non-QM loan programs.

Program features:

Non QM Cash Out

  • Available across all loan programs, including 12- and 24-Month Bank Statement
  • DSCR interest only cash-out qualifies on the IO payment with loan amounts up to $1,000,000
  • Cash out can be applied to reserves (except DSCR)
  • Available for Non-Warrantable condos
  • Exceptions to cash-out amount will be considered based on overall profile

Webinar: Gaining an Edge in a Competitive Purchase Market with Bridge Loans

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In today’s highly competitive home purchase market, making a non-contingent offer can make the difference in whether an offer gets accepted. Learn how LendSure’s Bridge Loan program let’s borrowers access the equity from their current home and use it for a down payment on a new property, without any monthly payments. The bridge loan pays off the mortgage on the current home while providing cash out for the new home purchase.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Borrowers can make non-contingent purchase offers
  • Since there are no monthly payments, borrowers’ DTI can qualify for the new purchase loan
  • Generate more referrals from Real Estate Brokers
  • Attract more purchase business
  • Generate referrals from local developers

LendSure offers a number of innovative Non-QM Loan Solutions to help you be successful in today’s homebuying market.  Contact your LendSure Account Executive to learn more about our Non-QM programs.

Webinar: Top 5 Ways to Originate New Mortgage Business

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As the mortgage industry continues to change in these extraordinary times, make sure you have the strategies and resources to continue to grow your business through the coming months. In this engaging, but informative webinar, you’ll learn about emerging opportunities in today’s housing market and how you can capitalize on them.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Learn how to generate more business from the borrowers you see every day
  • The unique mortgage needs of business owners and how to serve them
  • How to tap into the exploding foreign national market
  • Solutions and unique programs for today’s property investors
  • How to originate more loans with larger loan amounts

Real Life Loan Solutions: Foreign National Loan Fall Out – 7 Days from Submission to Funding

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LendSure Presents Real Life Loan Scenarios: Foreign National Loan

7 Days from Submission to Closing.

Foreign National borrower with a loan that fell out from another bank. LendSure can help.

Webinar: Interesting Twists to Lower Borrowers’ Payments

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Whether your borrower is rate sensitive or looking for lower payments, you’ll learn the strategies for presenting compelling payment and rate options to meet your borrowers’ specific needs.

  • Structuring loan options using a combination of Interest Only, Rate Buy Down, and Stacking
  • Using 40-year Interest Only options to optimize investor cash flow
  • Lowering the DTI to help your loan qualify using Interest Only payments while not increasing your interest rate
  • Lowering rates without bringing in additional cash at closing
LendSure Mortgage Rate Buy-Down

LendSure Financed Rate Buy-Down

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LendSure Financed Rate Buy-Down

Finance Lender or Broker Points with No Additional Cash at Closing

LendSure offers borrowers the additional flexibility to buy down their rate and finance the points.

Program features:

  • Lender and broker points can be financed into the loan (up to 2.5%)
  • Financed points do not raise the LTV pricing bucket
  • Up to 82% LTV when financing points (at the 80% pricing tier)
  • Borrower does NOT have to bring additional cash to close
  • Lower rate significantly lowers the borrowers’ monthly payment
  • Finance broker points for borrower-paid comp

Financed Rate Buy Down

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