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Become an Approved Broker

At LendSure Mortgage Corp., you do not need to be an approved broker to discuss and review your loan scenarios with us.  Prior to a loan funding, brokers do need to be approved by our Broker Approval Department.  In the meantime, you can submit loans by requesting a temporary code to the LendSure TPO Portal.  Click here to access the request form and instructions.

LendSure uses the Comergence broker approval system for collecting information on its brokers and rendering approval recommendations.  Your LendSure Account Executive or Account Manager may be able to provide a code to cover the approval fee.

Broker Approval Process:

  1. Click here to access the Comergence system
  2. Click the Register New Account link and register as a broker/third-party originator
  3. Complete broker application and submit any required documents
  4. Complete and sign Anti-Money Laundering Certification
  5. LendSure Broker Approval Department then reviews application scorecard and alerts
  6. LendSure Broker Approval Department then asks additional questions, if warranted
  7. LendSure Broker Approval Department renders broker approval or denial decision.  The approval process typically takes 48-72 hours.

Contact Us: (888) 707-7811