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No Income? Use Assets to Qualify for a Mortgage

Asset Depletion / Asset Qualifier Program

Borrowers with great credit, but no steady monthly income, may be able to use their assets to qualify for a mortgage. Compared to asset depletion, LendSure’s Asset Qualifier program essentially doubles the qualifying monthly income, since the draw period is only 5 years (qualifying assets / 60 months).

  • Loan amount is up to 75% of assets
  • Primary Residence:
    – Up to 85% LTV for Purchase and 80% LTV for R/T Refinances
    – Up to 70% LTV for Cash-Out Refinances
  • Investment Properties and Second homes:
    – Up to 75% LTV for Purchase and 70% LTV for R/T Refinances
    – Up to 65% LTV for Cash-Out Refinances
  • Borrower must have no mortgage delinquency in the last 3 years

Our knowledgeable Account Executives are experts in Non-QM loans and will help you find solutions for your borrowers so you can close more deals each month. Contact your LendSure Account Executive to talk through your borrower’s loan scenario.

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