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We’ll Give You More Ways To Say “Yes” To Your Borrowers

At LendSure, we know that in today’s environment every loan opportunity is precious. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of home loan programs for borrowers that don’t fit conforming guidelines.

LendSure’s exclusive pre-underwriting process goes beyond a simple prequalification. An experienced, in-house professional reviews each submission and provides common-sense approvals and pricing usually within 24 hours. You can say “Yes” with confidence, knowing that LendSure has minimized surprises down the road.

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Loan programs include:
  • 24-Month Bank Statement Loans
  • Just-Missed Agency (Alt-A)
  • Property Investor Loans
  • Common-sense underwriting for borrowers with some credit issues
  • Foreign National Programs
  • Profit & Loss (P&L) Program
  • Other Non-QM Programs

Contact Us: (888) 707-7811