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About LendSure Mortgage Corp

A Non-Qm Loan Specialist

Headquartered in San Diego, California, LendSure Mortgage Corp. was founded in 2015 to help mortgage professionals better serve their clientele by offering a wider range of programs to meet their needs.

LendSure offers a comprehensive range of Non-QM loan programs for borrowers that don’t fit conforming guidelines. Our loan programs include:

  • 24-Month Bank Statement Loans
  • Just-Missed Agency (Alt-A)
  • Property Investor Loans
  • Common-sense underwriting for borrowers with some credit issues
  • Foreign National Programs
  • Other Non-QM Programs

With the demand for Non-QM expected to skyrocket within the next couple of years, mortgage brokers need to offer these programs in order to stay competitive. LendSure’s focus on hands-on customer service, common-sense underwriting, and unsurpassed funding-times has made it the go-to lender for Non-QM loan programs.

Contact Us: (888) 707-7811