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Webinar: Top 4 Ways to Originate More Loans in 2019

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As the mortgage industry continues to change in 2019, make sure you have strategies and resources to grow your business throughout the year. In this brief, but informative webinar, you’ll learn about emerging opportunities in today’s housing market and how you can capitalize on them.

• Learn how to generate more business from the borrowers you see every day
• The unique mortgage needs of business owners and how to serve them
• How to tap into the exploding foreign national market
• Solutions and unique programs for today’s property investors

Webinar: Growing Your Market Share with Foreign National Loans

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Foreign National mortgage loans can be complex, but you don’t have to be an underwriting expert to tap into this lucrative market. In this brief, but informative webinar, we’ll review the foreign national market opportunities as well as everything you need to know to get started offering loans to foreign nationals. 
Webinar Highlights:
  • Funding with no USA credit, income or tax returns
  • Funding with no social security number
  • Strategies for evaluating foreign credit and income
  • Loan options for various residency types
  • Unique underwriting challenges and how to manage them
  • The loan features that foreign national borrowers care about most

Webinar: Growing Your Market Share with Bank Statement Loans

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A growing number of business owners and self-employed borrowers have had difficulty qualifying for a mortgage because of challenges documenting their income, write-offs on their tax returns, and various other difficulties. In this brief but informative webinar, you will discover the keys to overcome these challenges while making the loan process as smooth as possible.

Discover how to:

  • Tap into this lucrative market by offering solutions designed for the unique needs of self-employed, business owners, and high-commission sales people
  • Obtain bank statement qualifying income without a full loan package
  • Expand your market share and grow referrals by finding and marketing to local prospects
  • Address common misconceptions about loans to business owners and people with higher than average write-offs

The market opportunity for banks statement loans is huge and growing, with the total number of self-employed professionals expected to rise to 42 million by 2020. Watch this webinar to begin to capitalize on this opportunity.

Webinar: Rental Income Calculation for Lower DTIs and Better Rates for Property Investors

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In this brief, but highly-informative webinar, learn about the challenges of today’s property investors and how you can grow your business by offering solutions to meet their unique borrowing needs.

• Learn how to achieve full doc status with LendSure’s unique approach to rental income which minimizes debt-to-income ratios

• Learn how to achieve lower rates on investor transactions through the use of bank statements

• Learn about LendSure’s unique investor cash flow products

Webinar: Non-QM Loan Solutions for “A” Paper Borrowers

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Sometimes borrowers with excellent credit do not qualify for conventional mortgages for a variety of reasons. Learn how you can reduce turn-downs by offering Non-QM loan solutions to the “A” paper borrowers you see every day.

In this webinar, learn how you can gain a competitive advantage by offering mortgage loan solutions to:
– Self-employed borrowers
– Property investors
– Foreign nationals
– Borrowers with complex or multiple income streams
– Borrowers with past credit event issues, such as bankruptcy or foreclosure.

The market opportunity for Non-QM is expected to skyrocket in the coming months and only a fraction of mortgage originators are serving this growing market.

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