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WEBINAR: Deep Dive into Non QM Income

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It’s no secret that mortgage professionals who focus only on conforming programs are missing HUGE opportunities in Non-QM programs.



One of the most important factors in understanding opportunities in Non-QM programs is understanding the documentation options.

In this brief, but jam-packed webinar, our panel of Non-QM experts will guide you through how each program documents income. You’ll learn strategies to offer loan solutions that are tailored to your borrower’s unique needs.

– Bank Statements analysis with pre-quals in as little as 24 hours

– Property Investor income calculations for Full Doc, Bank Statement, and Investor Cash Flow (DSCR)

– Foreign National income for company-employed and self-employed borrowers

Asset Depletion and Asset Qualifier income calculations

– Real-world loan scenarios combining income sources


This valuable webinar will help you reach whole new borrower bases and empower you to grow your business in the weeks to come.

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