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Webinar 📣 Bridge the gap with LendSure’s BOOST


Trying to stay ahead in the current market? LendSure has the BOOST you need.

BOOST equips buyers with the fast funding they need to close on their next property successfully. It pays off the existing mortgage and offers homebuyers a cash-out option to purchase a new property, all without monthly payments for up to twelve months.

Here’s how BOOST can empower you and your clients:
• It enables borrowers to make non-contingent purchase offers – a powerful negotiating tool.
• It allows buyers ample time to sell their current home at the best price.
• Since there are no monthly payments, borrowers’ DTI can qualify for the new purchase loan.
• It’s a source of referrals from satisfied borrowers, realtors, and developers.

At the webinar, we’ll provide a step-by-step plan, along with marketing resources, to build your referral network and generate new monthly business right away!

Make your next move with BOOST!

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