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LendSure’s Foreign National Program – Non-Warrantable Condos

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The Foreign National Program by LendSure is tailored to the unique challenges foreign nationals have funding loans. LendSure’s team of highly experienced professionals are experts in navigating foreign national credit and asset verification issues, so loans fund on time and with a minimum of hassle.

WEBINAR: Tap into the red hot Fix & Flip market

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Fix & Flip Loans | Expand Your Loan Offerings “TOOL BOX”


In this highly-informative webinar, you’ll learn about the opportunities in today’s smoking hot Fix & Flip market. Fix & Flip Loans Expand Your Loan Offerings “TOOL BOX”. You’ll learn everything you need to start originating new business right away:

  • Program overview and guideline review
  • What to expect during the submission, underwriting, and funding stages
  • Factors that are contributing to the rapid growth in this segment

WEBINAR: Evaluating Income for Self-Employed Borrowers

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Self-employed borrowers are everywhere. More than 157 million Americans were self-employed in 2022. That number represents big opportunities for mortgage brokers. To tap into this thriving yet underserved market, you must understand a business owner’s complete financial picture.



It’s not always easy. You need to examine multiple sets of bank statements as well as various other income sources. Getting all the information needed takes asking the right questions, which aren’t always obvious.

In this informative webinar, you’ll learn what to look for to give your borrower the best possible advantage in qualifying for a loan. We’ll show you how to:

  • Tap into this lucrative market by offering solutions designed for the unique needs of the self-employed, business owners, and high-commission salespeople
  • Uncover income across multiple bank accounts
  • Obtain bank statement qualifying income without a full loan package
  • Analyze a self-employment questionnaire to determine the proper expense factor

WEBINAR: Building Realtor Relationships with Bridge Financing Loan Program

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In today’s market, every loan opportunity is precious. Join us and learn how you can leverage LendSure’s Bridge Financing Loan program to create a steady stream of new purchase loans in your community.



In today’s market, every loan opportunity is precious. Join us and learn how you can leverage LendSure’s Bridge Financing Loan program to create a steady stream of new purchase loans in your community. Webinar includes a step-by-step action plan to build their realtor and borrower referral network to generate new business every month.

This innovative program lets borrowers access the equity from their current home and use it for a down payment on a new property, without any monthly payments. The bridge financing loan pays off the mortgage on the current home while providing cash out for the new home purchase.

  • Borrowers can make non-contingent purchase offers, giving them a stronger negotiating position
  • Gives buyers the time needed to get the best price for their departure residence
  • Since there are no monthly payments, borrowers’ DTI can qualify for the new purchase loan
  • Generate more referrals from realtors, developers, and happy borrowers

Ask your LendSure Account Executive about comprehensive marketing resources to start generating new business right away.

With a 10/40 Fixed Rate-IO Loans, smart homeowners and property investors can lock in a low rate for 40 years.

10/40 Fixed-Rate Interest Only Loans

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Why LendSure’s 10/40 Fixed Rated-IO Loans? Why not! Smart homeowners and property investors have an option to leverage their home’s equity and manage their monthly cash flow – all while locking in a low rate for 40 years. This innovative 10/40 Fixed Rate-IO mortgage loans program provides homeowners with the flexibility to make low interest only payments or fully amortized payments without penalties.

  • Investment/business purpose loans qualify using the low interest only mortgage loan payment and owner-occupied loans qualify with 30-year amortizing payment
  • No prepayment penalties on owner-occupied property loans
  • LendSure can finance origination and discount points with no out-of-pocket costs or impact on cash out
  • Financed points do not raise the LTV pricing bucket
  • Great way for property investors and self-employed borrowers to leverage their equity to increase their monthly cash flow
  • Eligible for ALL Full Doc, DSCR, and 12- or 24-month Bank Statement programs
  • Loan amounts as high as $3,000,000

5-8 Unit DSCR Investor Cashflow Program

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5-8 Unit DSCR Investor Cash Flow Program

LendSure’s innovative DSCR Investor Cashflow program is now available for 5-8 Unit properties for seasoned property investors. This program comes with the exceptional service levels and streamlined process that you’ve come to expect from LendSure.

  • Loan amounts under $2,000,000
  • Minimum DSCR of 1.10
  • Close multiple loans for the same investor at the same time
  • Up to 70% LTV for Purchase or R/T Refi
  • Up to 60% LTV for Cash-Out Refinance
  • No limit on the number of properties owned and can finance up to 10 properties for one investor
  • Industry-leading funding times
  • Qualify on interest-only payments – excellent for qualification and cashflow purposes, particularly
    with our 10-Year IO Period and 40-Year Term program
  • Credit score as low as 700
  • Rate buydown feature available with no additional cash at closing

Contact your LendSure Account Executive to talk through your borrower’s DSCR investor cashflow loan scenario.

Webinar: Growing Your Pipeline in a Rising Rate Market

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With rates continuing to rise, the Non-QM market is poised to skyrocket in the months to come. If you’re looking for ways to keep your pipeline full in a rising rate environment, then you need to attend this webinar.

We’ll give you the groundwork to start generating new business from a variety of new sources, including:



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