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90% LTV Bank Statement No MI

Bank Statement Loan Programs

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We’ll Calculate the Bank Statement Income For You Without a Full Loan Package


Offer business owners our highly competitive 24-month bank statement loan program with up to 80% LTV. As always, LendSure will calculate the bank statement income for you and our highly experienced team members can provide common-sense approvals and pricing within 24 hours.

Program features:

  • P&L statements NOT required on most programs
  • Highly competitive rates and unsurpassed funding times
  • Business bank statements and personal bank statements permitted
  • Multiple business bank accounts permitted
  • Borrower does not have to be 100% owner of the business
  • Business expense ratio as low as 0% for personal and 10% for business bank statements
  • Common-sense consideration of NSFs and overdrafts

Webinar: Non-QM for High Net-Worth Borrowers

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Sometimes borrowers with extensive assets do not qualify for conventional mortgages for a variety of reasons.  Learn how you can reduce turn-downs by offering Non-QM loan solutions to the high net-worth borrowers you see every day.

This session will cover how to expand your business by offering solutions designed for the unique needs of:

  • Self-employed, business owners, or high-commission sales people
  • Borrowers with substantial assets but inconsistent income
  • Borrowers with gaps in employment
  • Semi-Retired or retired individuals
  • Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Property investors
  • Borrowers with complex or multiple income streams


Webinar: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Investment Property Loans

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Did you know that providing one investment property loan can mean a steady stream of purchase and refi business for years
to come?

In this brief, but highly-informative webinar, learn about the challenges of today’s new and experienced property investors
and how you can grow your business by offering solutions to meet their unique borrowing needs.

  • Learn the factors that are driving today’s investment property boom and how you can capitalize on it
  • Learn how to achieve the very best rates by using an exclusive DTI calculation
  • How to calculate rental income DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio)
  • Learn when it’s appropriate to use Full Doc, Bank Statement or DSCR

Whether the borrower is a first-time investor or a seasoned pro, you’ll be able to provide the lending solutions that will meet their unique needs.

Webinar: How to Reduce Rates in Non QM Without Affecting Borrowers Out of Pocket Expenses

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Learn how you can gain a competitive advantage by providing loan options to borrowers that lower rates with no additional money at closing — all while lowering your borrower’s monthly payment.

  • Learn how to achieve the lowest possible price on Non-QM loans
  • Save deals and close more loans by lowering monthly payments, overall reserve requirements, and keeping assets in your borrower’s hands
  • Provide borrowers with a sense of control by offering various loan options to meet their unique needs
  • Learn how borrowers can finance points without raising the LTV pricing bucket

Webinar: Top 4 Ways to Originate More Loans in 2019

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As the mortgage industry continues to change in 2019, make sure you have strategies and resources to grow your business throughout the year. In this brief, but informative webinar, you’ll learn about emerging opportunities in today’s housing market and how you can capitalize on them.

• Learn how to generate more business from the borrowers you see every day
• The unique mortgage needs of business owners and how to serve them
• How to tap into the exploding foreign national market
• Solutions and unique programs for today’s property investors

Webinar: Growing Your Market Share with Foreign National Loans

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Foreign National mortgage loans can be complex, but you don’t have to be an underwriting expert to tap into this lucrative market. In this brief, but informative webinar, we’ll review the foreign national market opportunities as well as everything you need to know to get started offering loans to foreign nationals. 
Webinar Highlights:
  • Funding with no USA credit, income or tax returns
  • Funding with no social security number
  • Strategies for evaluating foreign credit and income
  • Loan options for various residency types
  • Unique underwriting challenges and how to manage them
  • The loan features that foreign national borrowers care about most

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