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Saving Your Condo Deals with Non-Warrantable Condo Loans

Fannie Mae’s new HOA questionnaire is causing a wave of loan denials, leaving borrowers and mortgage originators in the lurch. Since Fannie Mae backs 70% of all existing condo loans, the impact on the industry could be catastrophic.

Non-warrantable condo loans can rescue your loans, without the extensive HOA questionnaire that are required with conforming loans.

  • Learn how the Fannie Mae changes are affecting the condo industry every day
  • Non-Warrantable program guidelines and funding workflow
  • Leveraging rate buy down to lower rate with no additional cash at closing
  • Leveraging 10/40 Fixed Interest options on your high-end condo deals
  • Create a steady stream of referrals by offering condo loans when others can’t –
  • Capitalize on the exploding condotel market


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