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Webinar: Gaining an Edge in a Competitive Purchase Market with Bridge Loans

In today’s highly competitive home purchase market, making a non-contingent offer can make the difference in whether an offer gets accepted. Learn how LendSure’s Bridge Loan program let’s borrowers access the equity from their current home and use it for a down payment on a new property, without any monthly payments. The bridge loan pays off the mortgage on the current home while providing cash out for the new home purchase.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Borrowers can make non-contingent purchase offers
  • Since there are no monthly payments, borrowers’ DTI can qualify for the new purchase loan
  • Generate more referrals from Real Estate Brokers
  • Attract more purchase business
  • Generate referrals from local developers

LendSure offers a number of innovative Non-QM Loan Solutions to help you be successful in today’s homebuying market.  Contact your LendSure Account Executive to learn more about our Non-QM programs.

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