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LendSure’s BOOST (Bridge Loan) Program

By February 12, 2024Video

In today’s highly competitive real estate market, buyers need every tool they can get to make quick, successful deals.

Enter LendSure’s BOOST (Bridge Option Offering Seamless Transition) bridge loan solution.

BOOST equips buyers with the fast funding they need to close on their next property successfully. It pays off the existing mortgage and offers homebuyers a cash-out option to purchase a new property, all without monthly payments for up to twelve months.

Check out this real-life scenario to see BOOST in action.

BOOST program highlights:

  • LendSure will pay off the existing lien while providing borrowers the cash out for the new home.
  • Borrowers can use equity for the down payment on their new home.
  • Balloon payments are due in 12 months for owner-occupied properties and 6 months for non-owner-occupied properties.
  • BOOST is only available in conjunction with financing on the purchase of a new home.

Find out more about LendSure’s BOOST bridge loan solution here. Want to know more about how LendSure can help your clients achieve their investment goals? Connect with your LendSure Account Executive today!

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