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Set Yourself Up For Success In 2023

January 18, 2023
We offer non-QM program options to help you stay competitive while giving your clients and referral partners more options to help them succeed.

The mortgage industry endured a tough year in 2022, but 2023 looks ripe for a rebound.

As you plan for a successful year, remember that LendSure’s non-QM programs offer an ideal way to serve your clients—and to set yourself apart from the competition. By adding non-QM program options to your product menu, you can offer more solutions to your clients and referral partners.

Let us help you! Our experienced team is committed to your success. When you partner with LendSure, you’re aligning yourself with some of the top talent in the non-QM sector. Tap into our wealth of knowledge to grow your capabilities and say “YES” to more customers.

If you’ve resolved to boost your bottom line and serve a wider range of clientele in 2023, consider these offerings:

Bank Statement loans. Bank statement loans help self-employed borrowers qualify based on their actual income, rather than the number that appears on their tax returns. Non-traditional borrowers—think business owners, the self-employed, and high-commission 1099 sales workers——always have faced challenges documenting income. At LendSure, we have the answers that can help you overcome those obstacles and say “yes” in these scenarios. Bank statement mortgages are a type of non-QM loan that can offer the perfect solution to credit-worthy buyers who may have trouble documenting their income for plain-vanilla mortgages. With non-QM solutions becoming more mainstream, it is important to understand how programs like bank statement loans can be a valuable solution for a growing number of borrowers in today’s financial landscape. It’s time to discover what these types of loans can do for your borrowers and your bottom line.

Bridge loans. A bridge loan uses the equity in a house your borrower wants to sell to obtain funds for a house they want to buy. Simply put, this means a borrower may be able to make a non-contingent offer on a home because they are not waiting for their current home to sell. To qualify, the first property must be listed for sale in the MLS. Bridge loans are available for up to $3 million, have no monthly payments and aren’t due until the property is sold or the one-year term expires. This is a great product to have available to your current and future clients, who are looking to buy their next home without waiting to sell their current home. Bridge loans also generate referrals from Realtors.

Investment Property loans. Here’s the thing about property investors…they don’t usually stop with just one property. As they build their portfolio, this can bring you a steady stream of purchase and refinance transactions for years to come. Whether serving this market with full doc, bank statement or debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) qualification, having access to our variety of loan programs will empower you to offer solutions that fit their needs based on current holdings and the property in question. We can even help with non-warrantable condos and condotels!

As the mortgage industry rebounds from a rough year, it’s vital to find ways to set yourself apart, and to show your potential customers that you can provide dynamic solutions to their challenges. By partnering with LendSure, you automatically add non-QM connoisseurs to your team – and we enhance what you have to offer to your borrowers and referral sources. Joining us also means you’re up to date on the hottest new products, most creative solutions, and industry best practices.

We’re confident in our non-QM options and experience, and we want to extend that adept understanding to you to help grow your business. LendSure offers versatile loan programs, effective solutions, and exceptional service to help you grow your bottom line. Our pre-qualification process and level of service are unmatched in this field. Marketing yourself in today’s climate requires paying close attention to the trends and consumer needs. Everything we have to offer will allow you to arm yourself with the knowledge needed to differentiate yourself from the competition. We are dedicated to supporting you to ensure your success in 2023 and beyond.

Are you ready to benefit from a commonsense approach to lending?  Contact us today to learn more about non-QM options and how partnering with LendSure Mortgage Corp. can help grow your bottom line in 2023.

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