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Webinar: Growing Your Market Share with Bank Statement Loans

A growing number of business owners and self-employed borrowers have had difficulty qualifying for a mortgage because of challenges documenting their income, write-offs on their tax returns, and various other difficulties. In this brief but informative webinar, you will discover the keys to overcome these challenges while making the loan process as smooth as possible.

Discover how to:

  • Tap into this lucrative market by offering solutions designed for the unique needs of self-employed, business owners, and high-commission sales people
  • Obtain bank statement qualifying income without a full loan package
  • Expand your market share and grow referrals by finding and marketing to local prospects
  • Address common misconceptions about loans to business owners and people with higher than average write-offs

The market opportunity for banks statement loans is huge and growing, with the total number of self-employed professionals expected to rise to 42 million by 2020. Watch this webinar to begin to capitalize on this opportunity.

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