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LendSure: a common sense approach to lending

October 19, 2021
LendSure Mortgage is a wholesale lender with a common-sense approach to non-qm lending. See what makes us different!

In today’s competitive environment, every loan opportunity is precious. No matter if it’s a challenging scenario or a straightforward situation, determined mortgage brokers like you seek to offer outstanding solutions and excellent service to your clients time and time again. Your reputation depends on it.

LendSure is a wholesale lender that works with loan professionals to offer a comprehensive range of exclusive non-QM loan programs for borrowers that don’t fit conforming guidelines. When you partner with LendSure, you gain access to an experienced team of mortgage professionals that help you offer robust non-QM loan solutions that meet a variety of borrower needs. Simply put, we offer you more ways to say yes to your borrowers. And we do the heavy lifting in challenging loan situations, so you don’t have to.

Products that make sense

LendSure offers our partner brokers access to our full suite of dynamic non-QM products, which expands your offerings to clients. We help you sort through non-QM program details to determine the best loan product for almost any borrower. Whether you’re working with property investors, self-employed borrowers, seeking loan solutions for Jumbo properties or non-warrantable condos, or something else, we’ll help you navigate our specialty loan solutions to find common-sense solutions for your clients.

Speedy pre-underwriting process

When you partner with LendSure, you’ll benefit from access to our exclusive pre-underwriting process, a series of steps that go beyond a simple prequalification. An experienced, in-house professional reviews each submission and provides approvals and pricing, often within 24 hours. This efficient yet thorough process eliminates unwelcome surprises further down the road in the loan process and allows you to offer complete solutions to more borrowers with confidence.

Support for brokers like you

Whether it’s navigating complex paperwork for a foreign national loan or considering unusual bank statement information for a self-employed borrower, our skilled wholesale lender team handles all of the detailed review for each scenario and does all the hard work and paperwork management for various loan requirements. We’re here to support you no matter what the circumstance. Our experienced team helps you help your clients. We make complicated processes seem easy because we take the burden off of you.

More ways to get the word out

When you’re busy each day considering loan options and talking to borrowers, it can be tough to find the time to grow your business. But when you work with LendSure, we guide you through a variety of loan solutions to help you to determine which of our loan products is best for your borrowers or referral partners. Plus, when you work with LendSure, you have access to social media templates, marketing materials, and other tools that will help you spread the word about the unique services you offer and how you can help borrowers.

When you partner with LendSure, you’re setting yourself up for success. When you partner with LendSure, we work with you to offer your credit-worthy borrowers loan solutions that meet their needs and make sense.

Are you ready to benefit from a common-sense approach to lending? Contact us today to learn more about non-QM loans and how partnering with LendSure Mortgage Corp. can help grow your bottom line.

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