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About LendSure – The Non-QM Experts

October 4, 2021
Lendsure offers non-QM loan programs to credit-worthy borrowers who don’t fit the requirements of conforming mortgages. Learn more here!

LendSure: The Non-QM Mortgage Specialists

Headquartered in San Diego, California, LendSure Mortgage Corp. ( was founded in 2015 to help mortgage professionals better serve their clientele and remain competitive by offering a more comprehensive range of non-QM loan programs to meet the needs of their borrowers. The company has since expanded nationally with offices in Utah, Georgia, Missouri, and Rhode Island.

Non-QM loans – sometimes referred to as a non-qualified mortgage – allow credit-worthy borrowers who don’t fit the strict requirements of conforming mortgages to receive financing. This includes people like business owners, property investors and foreign nationals.

Even though they may rely on alternative documentation and a different underwriting process, non-QM loans are still high-quality products. Non-qualified mortgages simply utilize other methods to determine borrower eligibility. When mortgage professionals partner with LendSure, they receive full access to a robust suite of non-QM loan programs to offer their current clientele and market to new ones. They’ll be able to serve a wider range of borrowers like foreign nationals or the self-employed, who don’t qualify for a loan under conforming guidelines.

Mortgage brokers may find the world of non-QM daunting due to lack of experience or exposure. While these loans are different from traditional ones, with many new details to understand for each program, LendSure provides the support and guidance needed to navigate through the process of prequalification, underwriting and more. This makes the procedure easier for the broker, and leads to more satisfied borrowers and more loans closed.

LendSure’s large variety of non-QM loan programs are for borrowers who do not fit conforming loan guidelines. The list of non-QM products include:

The demand for non-QM is on the rise and is expected to continue to. Recognizing that brokers need access to quality non-QM loan programs in order to stay competitive, LendSure seeks to offer products with outstanding performance that meet the needs of many kinds of borrowers in a variety of unique situations.

Successful mortgage brokers need to be able to offer loans that meet market needs and demands. When brokers align with LendSure, their clients get access to an expanded product line that allow custom-fit solutions for almost all types of loan scenarios. Brokers will not have to turn away any potential business and will gain access to new markets, ultimately adding to their bottom line.
In addition to the corporate headquarters in San Diego, California, LendSure has established operations in Georgia, Rhode Island, Missouri, and Utah, serving mortgage brokers nationwide. LendSure’s unwavering focus on hands-on customer service, common-sense underwriting, and unsurpassed funding times has made the company the go-to lender for non-QM loan solutions.

Are you ready to benefit from a common-sense approach to lending? Contact us today to learn more about non-QM loans and how partnering with LendSure Mortgage Corp. can help grow your bottom line.

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