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Meet the Alumni

Hear from some of our Management Trainee Program graduates about their experiences throughout the program and how it has benefited them

Nelo M.

“I work as a Sales Assistant for one of the top producers at LendSure. I’ve been in my current role since Mid-2019 and have learned a lot from the leaders of LendSure. I enjoy structuring loans, especially the complex ones, and working through them with loan officers and senior management. I never thought I would be in a sales role, but someone saw something in me and believed in me from the beginning and for that I am grateful! I think the MTP program at LendSure can help guide and shape young graduates and put them in a successful role upon completion. It does take dedication and motivation, but those are the tools for success.”

Nicholas T.

“The management training program provided me the opportunity to begin to gain an accurate and deep understanding into the Non-QM mortgage lending industry. Prior to starting my career with LendSure I had limited to no mortgage lending experience. With the help of my subject matter expert and the other readily willing to help team members I was able to develop my understanding for the importance of the processes and procedures we follow. Through the entirety of the training process, I was provided endless learning opportunities from experienced mortgage professionals who did not hesitate to assist.
Now that I have started my new position, the learning opportunities and resources have not dwindled. LendSure truly fosters a great learning experience and provides the opportunity to learn about the mortgage industry from some of the most experienced professionals.”

Teodor S.

“Why the MT Program at LendSure? Why pursue the ‘Sales’ path?
To those questions I ask you, ‘Why not?’ Why not immerse yourself in a culture of great success and employee empowerment? Why not choose the path of ‘vast reward’? Why not have weekly meetings with the CEO and C-level executives? Why not have a support system that has your back every step of the way?
To me, it is just common sense. The answer is clear as day – the answer is, ‘the LendSure Mortgage Corp. Management Trainee Program.’
During your tenure as a Management Trainee, you will hone in on your skills of leadership, ambition, focus, and persistence. Daily you will be presented with something new and captivating, along with providing value to your team as you prepare for your monumental career as a mortgage professional.
I look forward to meeting you and welcome to LendSure Mortgage Corp.!”

Chase B.

“Through the guidance of my mentors, LendSure’s Management Trainee program has helped me grow within an industry that I had no prior experience with. I’m excited to see where this new skillset leads, and look forward to helping LendSure see growth moving forward.”

Joshua V.

“Before joining LendSure I knew very little about mortgages and had doubts that I would succeed in this industry, but the Management Trainee program transformed me into a confident and knowledgeable mortgage professional in the matter of three months. Overall, my experience in the Management Trainee program was both empowering and rejuvenating. With the ongoing support from our dedicated and impassioned leadership team, I no longer have any doubts that I will be successful in the mortgage industry.”

Maya A.

“My name is Maya Arriaga and I went to San Diego State University. I was a part of the first graduating class of Management Trainees and am now a Credit Analyst for one of the most successful Account Executives in the company. The Management Trainee Program has been such a unique and exciting experience. I have learned so much information in such a short period of time, and it is crazy to think about how 6 months ago I didn’t even know what a mortgage was. I am grateful to have been a part of this program, and I would not be where I am today without the training I received while I was a management trainee. I use the knowledge I learned on day one in my current role on a daily basis. Being trained by the highest level of management in the company and even sometimes the owners of the company is an experience that is unique to Lendsure. I have truly enjoyed the time I had throughout the program and continue to enjoy everyday that I work here!”

Rachel A.

“After attending the University of Oregon for three years and transferring to San Francisco State for my final year of University, I began my journey at Lendsure last January as a Management Trainee. From the moment my journey began, I was gifted with the best team and hands on training the company has to offer. My superiors did an outstanding job of introducing me into the world of Mortgages and residential real estate. After 6 months of learning the ins and outs of the business, I transitioned into a credit analyst position. I thoroughly enjoyed being apart of Lendsure’s management trainee program as it prepared me for my position today!”

Jack G.

“I went to The University of Connecticut and started here at LendSure in October 2020 in the training program. I was trained in the credit analyst, and account manager positions but had always gravitated towards sales. After the training program ended I became an Account Executive and absolutely love it! I have been an Account Executive for about 8 months now and have learned so much about the mortgage industry in my time at LendSure.”

Emily P.

“I came into the MT sales program with the expectation of going into a primarily sales focused role. However while going through the training and learning all the different aspects of non QM mortgage lending, I felt my skills and personality would more closely fit a different role. I approached upper management with this and they were more than accommodating to find me the right role. I have now extended my training and I am learning new things every day. The best part about this program is that you don’t have to have experience in the mortgage industry, and that is a rare thing to find right out of college.”
School: Kennesaw State – Hooty Hoo go owls lol

Tyler B.

“I began at LendSure in January 2021 and I have had a great experience so far. LendSure and the MT program provided me a unique opportunity to step into the mortgage industry and has allowed me to spend time in various departments, where I have learned so much about the business. I have had the chance to work alongside and spend time with founders and senior management personnel at the company, which I greatly appreciate as it is not common at most companies. I look forward to the opportunities and experiences I will have at LendSure in the future and continuing to learn and develop as much as I possibly can to help the company and my co-workers accomplish goals and success.”
School: Northern Arizona University

John F.

“I attended Kennesaw State University and received my Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Management. LendSure’s Management Trainee program is the most beneficial program I have gone through in my career. I learned mortgages from the ground up and settled into a sales position. The training gave me the confidence and credibility to speak finance and mortgages with brokers. I would recommend the program to all graduates interested in kickstarting their career in the mortgage industry.”

Jack G.

“I started at LendSure as an MT on September 1, 2020, right when the company started to rebuild after the COVID shutdowns. I was attached to a sales team where I received excellent one-on-one training from my operations manager. Within four months, she got a big promotion, and LendSure’s leadership had so much confidence in the training I had gotten that they asked me to take over for her as that team’s interim ops manager. I also had chances to work on special projects for LendSure’s executive leadership. One of those projects was to do some preliminary design work for LendSure’s new pricing engine—and now I’m the leader of that program.”
School: University of Oklahoma as an undergrad and UC San Diego for grad school

Victoria T.

“I went through the MT program at LendSure Mortgage. Currently working as an Account Executive for the Virginia market.
I got my B.F.A from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA
I got my M.B.A from Nova Southern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL”

Shaun C.

“I had a wonderful experience learning the ropes as a Management Trainee. I was fortunate enough to have excellent support throughout the process. My team was (and is) very responsive, and really set me up for success going forward. I am now a Credit Analyst at LendSure and am thankful for how well the program prepared me.”
School: Providence College

Brendon C.

“I went to URI. My career at LendSure has been exciting from the start. I was eager to get into the sales side of the mortgage industry after being an LOA for about 9 months at a bank. When the opportunity to get into sales at LendSure presented itself, I jumped on it and I couldn’t be happier. The training we received was so detailed and helpful, that it actually cleared up much of the confusion I had on certain aspects of the industry from my time as an LOA. There were countless “aha” moments. Now that we have transitioned into selling, I am delighted to be at LendSure, because I truly believe we have superior products to our competition. In the retail side of the industry, no matter where you end up, everyone basically has the same products and rates. In the non-qm world, that is not the case. Where you work matters, because there are differences in products. I have yet to find someone who thinks that our products are inferior to a competitors, but I have been told time and time again that we have things others don’t. The non-qm industry is poised to grow significantly in the upcoming years. If you are looking to get into the mortgage industry, non-qm is the way to go. If you are looking to get into non-qm, LendSure is the place to be.”

Audrey B.

“My name is Audrey Bennett and I started at Lendsure Mortgage Corp in February of 2017 as a management trainee. I graduated from SDSU with an undergraduate degree in Economics and was fortunate enough to find a job posting for Lendsure Mortgage’s Management Trainee program on my colleges career services website. I came into the program initially knowing very little about mortgages and even less about the NON-QM mortgage industry. The program started with thorough group and individualized training sessions with the leaders of the organization. During my initial six months, I learned all about mortgages and the different departments involved in mortgage banking transactions. I was given hands on training about each department and learned more than I could believe in such a short timeframe. Here I am about five years later still with the company and very much engaged in the day-to-day operations. I have held a total of four different roles within Lendsure and have seen the company quadruple in size. I highly recommend the management trainee position to recent graduates because it gave me the tools to get me where I am today. The program training is very extensive but it also allows you to chose your career path within the organization.”

Michaela A.

“I started as an MT not knowing anything about the mortgage industry. I was brought on before the MT program was fleshed out, so my training consisted of early-morning one-on-ones with Joe himself for big-picture mortgage industry stuff and training from the great people on my team in the specifics of the pre-qual process. With lots of support and after many loans worth of experience, I am here 2 years later as a credit analyst (and a pretty good one if I may say so myself). I also have been involved in training a lot of my team’s new members.”

David S.

“The Management Trainee Program at LendSure has given me the opportunity to grow not only as a professional but more importantly as an individual. The opportunities provided paired with the guidance of senior leadership has been a catalyst for me so far after graduating college in 2018. Because of this program and mentionship I have not only found a successful position here at LendSure but grown into a true professional with lifelong skills I will take with me as I develop throughout my professional career.”

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