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Expanded Investor Program Provides Innovative Financing Solutions

Expanded Investor By LendSure

Expanded Investor is LendSure’s innovative solution for property investors. At LendSure, we understand the unique needs and challenges of property investors. That’s why we offer unique solutions and common-sense underwriting designed to provide them with more options, great rates, and a smooth funding experiences.

  • Unique rental income calculation resulting in lower DTIs and better rates (ask for a demonstration)
  • Loan amounts up to $1,000,000
  • Full Doc, Bank Statement, DSCR, Stated-Income and No-Ratio Loan options
  • Industry-leading funding times
  • Up to 10 loans for any one investor
  • DTIs up to 50%
  • Non-owner, non-warrantable condos permitted
  • Highly competitive pricing for lower LTV loans
  • Rate buy-down feature available
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